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Yambiro kuva paridzi - mboko


ATT: To all preachers

Pullpit language adjustment to all the devil cursers. Zviya zvekutukirira Satan muchiti "satan imphoko!!!" To be stopped with immediate effect. Mphoko is the new Zanu PF and Zimbabwe 2nd Vice President. Kana zvanetsa mungatoti "satan mujuru!!!!"

Gore Rezvidzidzo - tichadzidza zvakawanda

  1. Chombo says the army will use the army to get vendors off the streets.
  2. Sekeramayi says army will not be used for that purpose.
  3. Grace says vendors must not be chased away.
  4. Dokora says children must go with cell phones to school.
  5. Wadyajena says children must not go with cell phones to school.
  6. Wadyajena says school children must be given ZANU PF membership cards.
  7. Jonathan Moyo says joining ZANU PF is voluntary.
  8. Hungwe addresses Mphoko as second VP.
  9. Mphoko says he is not second VP.
  10. Mugabe accuses USA.
  11. Mugabe sends Chinamasa to the USA government for money.
  12. Kasukuwere says Mukupe is the right candidate for Harare east.
  13. Chombo says Mavis Gumbo is the right candidate for Harare East.
  14. other ZANU PF supporters say "pamberi neZANU"
  15. Mugabe says "pasi neZANU Pf" (ZANU Pf 2014 congress".
  16. other Zanu supporters believe the MDC-T got 49 % during the 1st round of 2008 elections.
  17. 17) Mugabe says MDC-T won with 71 % in the same elections.
  18. 18) Oil prices decreases.
  19. 19) Mugabe's government lowers the price for petrol.
  20. 20) Mugabe says there is democracy in Zimbabwe.
  21. 21) Mugabe fails to answer a simple question on the issue of democracy when he was in Nigeria.

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